During the war in 1945 and the accompanying air raid, the streets and buildings in Memmingen were almost completely destroyed - including the “Gasthaus zum Lamm” at the Hallhof. In 2002, the building was finally renovated and converted into a hotel with lounge area. During the years 2013 -2020, the two business partners Eberhard Riedmüller and Josef Kurz managed, the hotel at the Hallhof and another at the Schweizerberg under the name RiKu Hotel. After Mr. Riedmüller finally retired, he handed over the businesses to Mr. Kurz. With the handover to Mr. Kurz, there was also a change of name. Because the managing director Josef Kurz is called "JOE" or "SEPP" by his friends and acquaintances, the new company name JOESEPP'S was born. Since 01 January 2021 the hotels are now continued under the name JOESEPP'S.